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Welcome to our happy place in Elviria, Marbella

At Brass Marbella we connect through two universal languages: Food and Music.

Food brings people together in a natural way; so does music!

Both are soothing your soul bringing cultures and ages together in one place. Our favorite songs or dishes will often waken nostalgic feelings about great travel memories or bring us back home to our childhood.

Brass Marbella is a restaurant where tradition meets diversity. Our international Brasserie is inspired by traditional dishes from different cultures and flavors. Well elaborated cocktails are served alongside diverse music genres.



Inspired by the simplicity of traditional brasseries, our menu will offer well known dishes from around the world. Our Cuisine has strong Mediterranean influence, but international flavors will bring diversity to your palate. We will bring good old recipes back to life and introduce traditional dishes from our international journeys from other continents. Premium and fresh product is our main artist on the plate. 

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Dinner & Drinks would summarize our concept in two words! We combine good and famous international dishes, tasty cocktails with great music from the past and present.


Lil J & Julio live
Jazz, Soul & Funk

FRIDAYS! sunsets @ BRASS

Sergio Fernandez Live
Trompet – Piano – Dj


Live Saxophone performance
by Pablo Melgar Sax &
Dj set by Lastep


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